Vibe offers 3 types of Teams for our athletes to participate in:

Vibe Elite - Elite teams are teams that have a higher level of volleyball skill and competency. Elite teams will be participating in 2 "Showcase Tournaments" that provide them with the experience of playing against the region's best, while having the opportunity of getting seen by college coaches or recruiters. This team will also participate in the regional NERVA tournaments as well.

Vibe Premier - Our "Premier" teams are composed of players who have learned the basic skills of Volleyball, and now would like to work on the advanced aspect of the game, continuing to work on their skill sets, and competing in the regional NERVA tournaments.

Vibe Juniors - We recognize that not all players are ready to compete at a traveling level. For those players, we are now offering a Juniors team that will focus on core fundamentals that will help our youth gain the necessary skills to play competitively in the future. This opportunity brings skill-based practices and localized scrimmage opportunities with the hope of one day becoming a member of a Vibe "Premier" or "Elite" team! Practices are skill-based and focus exclusively around having FUN! We are reserving our Juniors team for players who are 15 years old and younger.

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