Selection Process


Each year Vibe Volleyball Club offers tryouts for those interested in playing during the Club Volleyball season. These tryouts are held in the Tarrant Recreation Center or the Ross Sports Center on the campus of St. Michael's College. Our tryouts are run by our elite coaching staff and some members of our Leadership Board.

All players are asked to register for tryouts. Prior registration is required in order to participate in tryout. Please see our registration page for detailed information.

Although we hope to allow all interested players an opportunity to join Vibe, at times we have to make difficult decisions to ensure we are providing a safe and fun playing environment for our teams. Some players may simply not possess the skill(s) that allow them to participate safely with a team within their age level.

Selection process

Immediately after the conclusion of tryouts, our coaching staff meets to assemble the teams. Once that is completed, each Director of Coaching will send out team placement invitations to players and parents via email.

"Call Up's"

In some situations we may ask players to be "called up" and play with a team that's older than their age group. This is to recognize advanced skill levels and proper placement to allow our players to compete in the most appropriate levels. Decision to call up players are evaluated and reviewed carefully by our experienced coaches and club leadership.