COVID-19 PolIcies & Procedures

Vibe is continually monitoring the Vermont Department of Health, the CDC, and other government agencies to make the most informed and strategic decisions regarding our safety plan. Each location has a plan to keep the players, coaches, and families health as a top priority.

As with many industries, we are being hit with shipping delays and staffing shortages. We are working hard to minimize the impact of these on our club families, and appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

We will continue to post updates to this page.

Mask Policy

In accordance with the CDC guidelines and local health department regulations, masks are encouraged but not mandatory.

If You Test Positive For COVID-19

Individuals with COVID-19 can spread the virus to others even if they have no symptoms. If you test positive for COVID-19, even if you are vaccinated or never have symptoms, isolate at home, away from other people, as soon as you receive your test result and then notify your close contacts. Isolation means staying home and away from other people – including the people who live with you – for at least 5 days. The state of Vermont has adopted the CDC guidance on isolation and quarantine with additional guidance around recommended testing.

If you test positive with a PCR, antigen, or LAMP test, regardless of your vaccination status, you should…

  1. Notify your coach and that you have tested positive.

  2. Stay home and isolate for 5 days. You are NOT allowed to participate in any practices or tournaments during this period.

  3. You can leave your home on (or after) day 5 if:

      1. You never had symptoms, or your symptoms have improved and you feel better

      2. AND you have had no fever for at least 24 hours without the use of medicine that reduces fevers

      3. AND you wear a mask around others through day 10

      4. AND it is required that you provide a negative antigen tests performed no earlier than day 4.

  4. If you are not feeling better, fever-free or are unable to provide negative results with antigen tests, you should remain in isolation at home through Day 10. You can return to club related activities on Day 11.

If You Are A Close Contact Of Someone With COVID-19…

When someone tests positive for COVID-19, it is important to notify us so that we can notify the team to help keep COVID-19 from spreading. Being identified as a close contact means that you have been around someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 during their infectious period, which is when the person with COVID-19 is contagious. It starts two days before their symptoms began and continues until they are recovered. If they didn’t have symptoms, the infectious period starts two days before their positive test.

If you have had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19…

If you are fully vaccinated:

  1. Wear a mask around other people for 10 days. You do not need to quarantine.

  2. A test on day 5 is recommended. If you test positive, follow the steps in What do do if you test positive for COVID-19.

  3. If you develop symptoms at any time, get a test and stay home and away from others until you get your test results

If you are not fully vaccinated:

  1. Stay home and quarantine for 5 days.

  2. You can leave your home on day 5 if:

    1. you have no symptoms

    2. AND had one negative PCR or LAMP test on or after day 5 OR two negative antigen tests performed at least 24 hours apart beginning no earlier than day 4 (the second antigen test will be done at school upon re-entry on Day 5)

    3. AND you wear a mask around others through day 10.

  3. If you test positive, follow the guidance above

  4. If you develop symptoms at any time, get a test and isolate until you receive your test results.

COVID-19 Refund Policies

  1. In the event that programming is affected by Covid-related regulations, our first priority will be to reschedule practices and events later in the season.

  2. If we are unable to reschedule practices and events, refunds will be processed. Families will receive prorated refunds for Club dues.

  3. Covid-related refunds will be the same, regardless of the payment plan you select.