Girls Tournaments

Practice Schedule

The practice schedule for teams can be found here.

NERVA Tournaments

These are single day tournaments.  Depending on schedule and location, hotel accommodations may be encouraged.  Please note, locations are announced by NERVA 1-2 weeks prior to the tournament date.

NERVA I - February 12, 2023

NERVA II - March 12, 2023

NERVA III - March 26, 2023

NERVA IV - April 2, 2023

NERVA V - April 30, 2023

Multi-Day Showcase Tournaments

These are multi-day tournaments that have a Stay and Play policy.  Meaning, for us to qualify and confirm our spots, we need to stay at one of their partnered hotels, which have low negotiated rates.  I have a minimum number of rooms booked through the THS system.  Please contact THS at 908-979-0928 or visit and provide the unique parent code in the grid below.  Please reach out if you need the unique code again.

More information about the showcase tournament details can be found here -

Vibe 18U & 17U Teams:

Vibe 16U & 15U Teams:

2023 Vibe Tournament Information