Club Policies

coaching philosophy

While we all have the desire to win, our first priority here at Vibe Volleyball Club is to have each player develop the skills needed to succeed on the court. We have complete trust in our experienced coaches to make the right decision in regards to playing time. We put a lot of effort in selecting our coaches for a reason and allow them to have the autonomy to run their teams in a fair while competitive manner. In that regard, we believe playing time is earned. Playing time will depend on a players attitude, skill level, commitment to the team, absences, injuries and the best interest of the team in any given game situation. But most importantly, we believe that playing competitive sports should be FUN. We will strive to make practices and games enjoyable learning experiences that will develop character, athletic skills, self-esteem, and respect for others. This is communicated to each member of our staff upon hiring, therefore, we have full confidence that each member of our staff will give the appropriate amount of playing time to each member of the team.

Communication policy

Vibe VC believes that a major skill that everyone should have is the skill of self-advocacy. We give each player the opportunity to do this during the season. However, if a player is unsatisfied with something during our season, that player must communicate it to their coach. Our hope is to have the player and coach resolve the conflict between themselves. At last resort, should players and club leadership get involved in any player-coach conflict.


Once a player accepts a roster spot on one of our teams, it is expected that they attend every team event, including practices and tournaments. Vibe acknowledges that everyone has lives outside of Vibe Volleyball, including involvement with other sports, with that said, any attempt to coordinate and communicate absences in advance to the appropriate coach is very appreciated. An unexpected absence without communication will be dealt with by the coaches.

Weather Conditions

Unfortunately there are things that are out of our control, and one of them is the weather. There have been times practices and/or tournaments have had to be postponed or cancelled. In the event of this, the coach and/or Director of Coaching will communicate these changes to the proper teams. Practices can be made up if there is availability.


The threat of COVID-19 still exists. Vibe will continue to monitor and abide by guidance provided by the Vermont Department of Health and the CDC. At this time, there is no mask or vaccination mandate in place, however, at anytime, Vibe members may have to abide by practice venue protocols which will be communicated by the Vibe Leadership team.

If you do test positive for COVID-19 at any point during the season, we ask that the coach and Vibe Leadership team ( be contacted as soon as possible.